Denim is our passion.

What makes Finger Lakes Denim different is the attention to detail – the knees are darted for more flexibility and the back pockets and yoke are lined for a unique feature. The front pockets are completely denim and deep – for longer lasting wear.  With these attributes – your Finger Lakes Denim jeans will last longer than any other workwear out there!

Men’s Jeans

We construct men’s jeans from 13 ounce 100% cotton denim and a 12.5 ounce indigo denim with a 2% stretch. We make men’s jeans and can easily take your custom order with your measurements and selected preferences.

Woman’s Jeans

Women’s jeans are a custom order and made from a 10 ounce Italian Crosshatch denim with 2% stretch.  This denim is BEAUTIFUL!

Other Products

We also carry additional products made in small batches and made with quality materials: aprons, tote bags, dog beds – any size, crossbody bags, zip wallets, etc. Our products are constantly circulating, new items be created, and items being sold. No two items are alike.